Q. My child has allergies can she attend?
A. As far as we can keep your child safe, yes she can attend.

Q. My child is not completely potty trained, can she attend?
A. We are not licensed to change diapers, but we will do our best to accommodate what it takes while she improves in that field.

Q. We do not speak French in our family, can we still enroll our child at your centre?
A. Absolutely.

Q. When can I enroll my child?
A. The children must be three years old within the year they enroll.

Q. My child has a medical condition and she will not become putty trained. Can I enroll at your school anyway?
A. Yes, if we can put in place a health plan that can meet her needs.

Q. I would need subsidies, can my child be registered in your program?
A. Of course, we will help you with the forms.

Q. My child uses a wheelchair, could she access your centre?
A. Yes, there is a universal access entrance in our hallway.

Q. If I go on vacation, do I pay the full month fees?
A. Yes, you do to secure your child’s space.

Q. Do you have a waitlist?
A. Yes, we do.